Domestic / Closeboard Fencing

Cherwell fencing specialise in supply and installation of massive range of domestic fencing products, including closeboard fencing, budget panels, bespoke panels, picket fencing, trellis work, bowtop rails, chainlink, hazel hurdles, chestnut pailing and much more.

Closeboard fencing is by far the most popular and effective fencing system on the market today for domestic use. It is highly robust, very popular and won’t be coming down in the wind like basic panel fencing, which at best only has half the life span of closeboard. It comes in all different stock heights up to 2 metres high without planning permission and can be fitted over stock heights at a different spec or using acoustic systems. It is easily useable in all areas and is the best solution where ground contours differ. It can also be finished in turret top, with capping or many trellis types if required.